3 Human Hair Grade

In the current Caucasian market, More and more customers need Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair, etc. Actually, in the Asian hair market, there is little of this hair so only have Asian hair. Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair are keywords for marketing. It does not mean hair material, and also not the hair grade.

There are 3 main human hair grades, virgin cuticle Remy hair, Remy hair, and Non-Remy hair.

Virgin Cuticle Remy Hair

It is ponytails cutting directly from donors’ head. This hair is very silky, smooth, natural looking and has a very good drop. Use your hand or your tongue to touch the hair back and forth, if it is real virgin cuticle remy, it will feel very smooth from the root to the tip, but little frictional feeling from tip to root. This hair is not too soft or thin because it is not processed in an acid bath. You also can test the tension with your natural hair. It should be almost the same.

Remy Hair

It is silky, smooth and good drop. This hair should also follow the same direction, you can check the hair color, if it is remy hair, the tip should be a little bit darker than the root. Also, this hair is a little softer and thinner than cuticle remy because it is processed in an acid bath to remove the cuticles to avoid tangling.

Non-Remy Hair

This hair is not very silky and smooth when compared to the above remy hair. Because of the hair shed naturally, you will find hair follicles existed at the tip and root. Because Non-Remy hair is fallen hair. Many manufacturers sell this hair as Remy hair. They cut off the black dots, if you can check it carefully on both ends,