The pony’s biggest break into everyday wear and hair culture may possibly be attributed to none other than, Barbie. The first Barbie doll was released in 1959, sporting a white and black-striped bathing suit and a low ponytail.

To ensure you keep your hair and scalp healthy and to allow you to wear the ponytail hairstyle for years to come.

  • Don’t always wear your ponytail high. You’ll see in the examples below; you can wear it in many different ways. The constant pulling at the scalp can be painful, even for the professionals (Ariana has mentioned she is in pain after wearing her signature style for days).
  • Be sure to remove your ponytail before sleep, this will help prevent breakage and pulling.
  • Give your hair a break. The tight ponytail is not for every day, it can cause balding along the hairline and breakage or weakening of the hair shaft.

There’s something strong about a slicked-down middle part that just screams boss babe. Considering model and body activist Mia Kang is one, she rocks this ponytail look really well. If you have a big day ahead of you or you’re feeling yourself for the goddess you are – you can’t go wrong with this ponytail style.

wigmfg ponytail in duchess

Speaking of royalty, the former Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle sported a middle part, sleek ponytail on the royal tour of Australia. The look turned heads for its effortlessness and the change up from her usual style of a loose bun or waves. She paired the laid-back ponytail with a simple white collared shirt and blazer, so akin to the everyday girl’s 9 to 5 OOTD. If it’s good for the Duchess, it’s good for us.

Be it a bow or a scarf

Be it a bow or a scarf

Be it a bow or a scarf, we can thank Blair Waldorf for this simple yet, sophisticated look. Take those satin scarves out of the closet (or borrow one from mom). Incorporate a vintage print, or vibrant looks by tying a scarf at the base of your neck for a low, loose ponytail, perfect for coffee dates or the office.

Bubble up ponytail

Bubble up ponytail

The high ponytail meets the bubble ponytail for this gorgeous, voluminous look that is sure to upgrade any boring updo. This a great look for a night out with the girls, and all you need is a couple extra hair ties and few more minutes to your ponytail routine.


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