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Color: Apex Gray 14.2

Lenses Degree: 0

❤ It helps change the color of pupils, makes your eyes look bigger and get you more beautiful.
❤ Nice for Party, Cosplay, Fashion Show, Halloween Makeup, etc.
❤ Safe, comfortable and durable, can be used for 1 year.

❤ Type: Colored Contact Lenses
Material: HEMA
❤ Lens BC: 8.60mm
❤ Water Content: 42%
❤ Replacement Cycle: 12 Month
❤ Prescription Power: 0.00

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*Q:Are these contacts completely safe?
*A:Yes, We are professional in the cosmetic contact industry for 20 years. Our products have CE certification.

*Q:Is this the price for 1 lens, or for 2 (a pair) ?
*A:2 lens.

*Q:How many times can it be used?
*A:Pls check clearly about the product info, normally our products is yearly. And pls change the liquid after each you use.

*Q: Is it comfortable for eyes?
*A: The water Content of our product is 42%. Moisturizing eyes for 24 hours, relaxing and comfortable, without any burden.