613 Blonde Lace Front Wigs

613 blonde wig human hair

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Get rid of all your feelings of stress, depression, and worries about hair fall. You can look more gorgeous, stylish, and pretty by clipping the Remy human hair wigs blonde onto your scalp. After using this wig, you will never feel reluctant at parties and dinners because of your thin hair. 

The amazing thing about 613 blonde wigs' human hair is its seamless attachment. Nobody will differentiate between your natural hair and wig hair as you can color your wig hair per your choice. Remy’s wig is made of 100% pure unprocessed human hair. 

Another advantage you can avail of by using blonde lace wig human hair is its longevity. You will not have to buy a new wig every month because proper care makes it usable for 8-10 months. This unprocessed hair will not get tangled due to its smooth texture. Feel free to comb, wash, and dry your 13x4 613 Blonde wig. 

The attachment and clipping of a wig made of transparent Swiss lace are simple. You can get this wig in different lengths. This wig is available in three variants, including 13x4x1 honey blonde with a novel balayage color style. 

The other two cheap blonde human hair wigs variants are 13x4 traditional lace front wigs and 13x4x1 T part lace front wigs. These two variants are very much alike. The only difference is that the latter is more budget-friendly and less airy than the former. Enjoy beautiful silky blonde hair by clipping Remy’s blonde hair wig

Key Features

  • Product Material -We designed this beautiful wig with fine-quality 100% unprocessed human hair, making it tangle-free. 
  • Product Specification - This straight blonde lace wig having a double machine weft and 13x4 frontal lace is perfect for styling. 
  • Lightweight Design - This hair wig is incredibly soft, shiny, and lightweight, making it perfect for regular use and styling. 
  • Soft and Lustrous -this exquisitely designed blonde lace front wig is incredibly soft and lustrous to give you a glamorous look. 

Key Benefits

  • Durable - This wig has a long lifespan and can be used for 8-10 months with great care. 
  • Washable - Our wig can be easily washed and dried without breaking wig hair.
  • Colorable - It can be colored to match wig hair with the tint of your natural hair. 
  • Multipurpose - Style your hair in bun, curls, and crimps to give you a stylish novel look every time. 


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