Wig Care Instruction

*Detangle hair Process*

Brush Your Wigs hair in sections. First from the bottom, then brush the middle section, finally brush top section hair.

Try brush it in gently, if you got difficult on brushing or the hair too tangled, try some hair conditioner spray on the tangled hair, when the hair is a little wet, use the metal tooth hair brush rebrush it, re-spray the hair conditioner until you can brush it through. If the tangled hair totally in mess, you can simply cut it off.

Hang until the wigs hair dry.

  • When Brush the wigs hair, you could put your wigs on Wigstand(GET Wigstand Now!), then brush the hair with metal tooth hair brush. (Metal can avoid the Electrostatic effect makes dry hair more messy)
  • if you do not have the wigstand, you can use your left hand, put your hand through your wig scalp, use your finger hold the wig scalp, like this picture, now you can easily control your wig
  • For messy hair wigs, I suggest you wash the wig first.

How to Wash your Wig

1.Fill basin with luckwarm water, put 1-2 drop shampoo.

2.Sok 5 min and gently shake your hair in the water, don't rub the wig scalp.

3.Shake off or use towel to absorb the excessive water.

4.Don't Blow dry your wig, especially the synthetic wig, this may damage the fiber.

5.Hang untill completely dry.

6. You can repeat the *Detangle hair Process* untill the wig detangled.


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