Dokio 100W (2Pcs x 50W) Foldable Solar Panel China Pannello Solare USB Controller Solar Battery Cell/Module/System Charger

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Color: Monocrystalline

Ships From: Poland

Dimensions have been changed due to material upgrades.
If you received a new size solar panel. Please be patient.
The product has no quality problems.
If you are not satisfied with the new size, please contact us for return, thank you
Ukrainian warehouse has inventory and supports local delivery.
If you need solar panels, please contact store customer service,thank you.

Model FSP-100M

The DOKIO FSP-100M Made of tempered glass and aluminum frame, strong and durable. The service life is more than 25 years,Rainproof, waterproof.

It integrates high efficiency Monocrystalline silicon solar panels .It has a very high cost performance.

The solar panel handle design is easy to carry, and the foldable design saves space.

The solar panel bracket is provided with fixing screws, which is convenient to adjust the angle between the solar panel and the sun.

Performance Data

Maximum Power(Pmax): 100W
Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp):18.00V
Maximum Power Current (Imp):5.56A
Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc): 22.50V
Short-Circuit Current (Isc):5.81A
Maximum System Voltage: DC1000V
Maximum Series Fuse:9A
Nominal Operating Cell Temp.(NOCT):-45 to 80℃

(The above data is based on the laboratory standard test environment)
For field connections,use minimun No.12AWG copper wires insulated for a minimum 90℃

Standard Test Conditions:
AM=1.5 IRRADIANCE=1000W/m2 Temp.=25℃

Additional Data

Weight: 8.1KG
Foldable Dimension:
Expansion Dimension:

(The size is manually measured and there is a certain error.)

List Packing

1*100W Solar Panel
1*3M wire,1*10A 12V PWM controller

(The solar panel has a gray 10A PWM controller on the back. )

(Equipped with a 3 meter cable and alligator clip, it is a plug-and-play solar system.)

Note:Controller support lead-acid,lithium ions and LiFePO4 battries.

The corners of this solar panel are equipped with black corner guards, which are used to protect the solar panels.

If the corner protector is damaged, you can contact us to get a replacement corner protector for free.

But it does not affect the work of solar panels. We do not accept compensation. Please understand.

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