EYESHARE 2pcs Natural Colored Contact Lenses For Eyes Colored Contact Lens For Eyes Yearly Beautiful Pupil Makeup Contact Lense

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EYESHARE 2pcs Natural Colored Contact Lenses For Eyes Colored Contact Lens For Eyes Yearly Beautiful Pupil Makeup Contact Lense

Features : 


1. Brand: EYESHARE


2. Use of time: 12 months(after opened) 

3 Shelf life: 5 year Series 

4. Diameter: 14-14.5mm 

5. Lenses hardness: Soft 

6. Water content: 40% 

7. Base Curve: 8.5 mm-8.6 mm 

8. Optical centre thickness: 0.12 mm- 0.06 mm 

9. Diopter/Grades/Degree: -0.007

Package included:

1 Pair Contact Lenses with 1pc contact lenses case.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Nathan Botsford

Very nice glasses, comfortable look very good, I liked them very much, totally recommended, I recommend the store good product

Nyasia Thiel

It was a self-government and I was very satisfied. I wanted contact lenses that were subtle to be able to carry them daily without standing out too much, just as a slight change is seen and I am delighted. They come with a box to store them, they are very comfortable, and very very thin, which makes it a bit difficult to put them on but helps to avoid being noticed. The eyes begin to dry around 3h of use, but nothing that cannot be fixed with a little serum, I did not even need moisturizing eye drops. I will repeat with other colors without any doubt, in addition they last * 1 year *. Haunted

Liliane Hansen

The packaging is very good, all came whole, not crumpled. The lenses themselves in dense disposable containers. Chic

Anahi Thompson

Ordered for the sake of experiment, I wanted to look at myself blue-eyed. Expected them to be lighter. But in general satisfied, look natural, there is a pronounced rim. Put on easily, oddly enough, albeit for the first time. The first minute discomfort is felt, then the eye gets used to it, and is not felt at all. Your eyes are green, lens color Swan blue. Packed well, there is a container. Delivery 1,5 months. I recommend the seller.

Candido Koepp

Excellent quality and look very beautiful... I recommend them very good!! Excellent look very expressive!! Arrived fast