If you need a human hair extension to a celebration or in daily life and you don't want your colleague to recognize it's fake hair. I recommend you choose Remy Human Hair Extension.

Or you just want to use it longer 1 year, you don't like a temporary disposable cheap hair extension, I also suggest you use Remy Human Hair Extensions.

In this video, I'm gonna show you a set of 100g Human Hair Extensions, I put them into a plastic bag for more than 3 years, when a customer gets into our office to see a sample product, I just let them touch and feel. Still Shiney, silk, and touch soft. When Put it into shampoo water wash it again, it turns like a new one.

While if these extensions are synthetic, I guess you will throw them in the trash bin in 1 month, for the synthetic fiber has its expiry time. Human Hair would be a longer lifespan. You wouldn't want to put them(synthetic) on your own hair.

Also, you can use your iron flat to make your own hairstyle, the straight, Bob Wavy, or a curly one.



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